Get the most out of your investment.

We want you to get the most out of your investment, so we have compiled a few tips and tricks to help you nail down your final wardrobe.

Coordinate, but don't match.

We want to make sure you can hang these family photos up for years to come, and unfortunately matching family outfits have become dated. Try to choose around 3-4 soft neutral colors and have your family work with those colors in their outfits.

We want YOU to be the focus of your photos.

To ensure you are the focus of your photos and not your clothes, we would suggest limiting your patterns and prints. Small patterns can cause distractions in photos, so we would suggest limiting patterns to larger prints only, and to limit the amount of family members wearing patterns or prints to one or two people.

For the same reason of wanting you to be the star of your photos, we would also suggest limiting your color choices to exclude any bright colors. Neon clothing can also distort images and cause issues in post processing.

Keep it classic!

Try to think of timeless styles when choosing your outfits. You want these photos to hang in your home for years to come, and with neutral, classic clothing choices your photos will be sure to match whatever your decor may be. Study your favorite color palettes and brands online ahead of your shoot, and keep in mind the colors of the season and the colors in your environment.

*Pinterest is amazing for gathering together outfit ideas and inspiration!

Don't hold back!

Be extra! YOLO! Don't hold back on your outfits. Should you really get that one dress you've been eyeing JUST to wear for your family photos? Yes!! We believe your effort and enthusiasm will shine in your photos, and you'll look back on these photos glad you treated yourself and made the most out of it. Don't be afraid to bring two outfits for a quick outfit change, go crazy on Pinterest, research your favorite family photoshoot styles, and look on Amazon for amazing outfits and awesome deals!