Psalms Photography Studio / Pleasanton Newborn Photographer

My name is Katie Scott, I am a Maternity and Newborn Photographer serving the Bay Area and Central Valley. I have a studio here in the gorgeous Pleasanton, California where I have the pleasure of snuggling babies and capturing your families most precious moments. I am very passionate with my dream of creating lasting memories that my families can look back on with joyful emotions.

Baby Avyay was just the sweetest little snuggle bug..

Baby Avyay arrived to his session with his mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa ready for his grand debut. Avyay was just a little over 1 month old for his session and was such a sleepy, happy baby. Aviary's parents wanted neutrals, yellows, and blue for their session so I tried to incorporate a little bit of everything, as well as a couple of knitted outfits mom and dad ordered from Amazon for their session. Starting off at the table for those naked sleepy shots, Avyay was a total sleepy dream during his posing. After capturing those table poses we wrapped the baby and headed over to the floktai for those fuzzy shots with mom and solo. Mom was just beaming and glowing for these shots! Baby Avyay got to take some sweet sweet shots with his grandparents who are visiting for 4 months from India, and I just feel so honored to have been able to make those photos happen to them to cherish when they do have to go back home. Baby Avyay is the first grand baby AND the first b0y in mom's family, so he is already so loved and spoiled!

Wrapping up Avyay's session I was able to get these adorable Dino shots with this dinosaur knitted outfit his parents brought, as well as some adorable awake shots with this totally gentleman styled outfit. Please peek in below to see Aviary's finished photos!