Sweet Baby Arabella..

I first heard from Arabella's mommy from past client and professional referrals. I was so excited to capture this sweet girl's newborn photos! Her mom filled out the newborn questionnaire and I thought her decor theme was so sweet, soft, and simplistic, I was so happy to be able to create some custom sets for her with her home style and artwork in mind. Sweet Arabella arrived to the Pleasanton studio and I could immediately tell she was loved by so many people! She arrived with her loving mom, protective brother, and a grandmother just awestruck with every one of her adorable mannerisms and movements. We started the session with her loving, gentle brother Hunter, where he posed like a pro with his little sister in arm. Arabella did amazing through her sibling set, then was so calm during me moving her around for different shots on her daddy's uniform (He was sadly returning to work by her session date, but I bet he was so proud of his sweet girl when he saw these!)

I was in awe of how gorgeous Arabella looked in every set she rocked, it's like these colors were made for her complexion and skin tone. I had such an amazing shoot with this adorable sweet pea and I cannot wait to continue to watch her grow!