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My name is Katie Scott, I am a Maternity and Newborn Photographer serving the Bay Area and Central Valley. I have a studio here in the gorgeous Mountain House, California where I have the pleasure of snuggling babies and capturing your families most precious moments. I am very passionate with my dream of creating lasting memories that my families can look back on with joyful emotions.

Arabella's mom, Adrianna went in for her regular prenatal checkup like every checkup before it, and things were looking fine, she was progressing slowly and looked like labor was awhile away. Adrianna was given the option to sweep her membranes and decided to go ahead and have the procedure done since she was at the end of her pregnancy and was ready to meet her sweet girl. Soon after she arrived home from the doctors office she began getting deeper contractions and told her family to get back into the car, it was time to head to the hospital and have the baby! Big bro Hunter was the first to get into the car and get ready, but as she was headed out to the garage, Adrianna felt pressure and knew it was time to have the baby, right there and then. Adrianna told her husband to get ready to deliver their sweet baby girl. Arabella came just minutes later, on the kitchen floor, delivered by her Marine Corps Gunny Sergeant daddy, with her big bro waiting in the garage unaware of the events happening just on the other side of the door!