Psalms Photography Studio / Pleasanton Newborn Photographer

My name is Katie Scott, I am a Maternity and Newborn Photographer serving the Bay Area and Central Valley. I have a studio here in the gorgeous Pleasanton, California where I have the pleasure of snuggling babies and capturing your families most precious moments. I am very passionate with my dream of creating lasting memories that my families can look back on with joyful emotions.

Why should I hire a trained professional?

The safety of your baby is the most important: Your newborn photographer should have extensive training and experience working with and posing newborn babies. The studio poses should only be done by a professional, to avoid damaging the baby's joints or causing illness/ pain to your precious baby. Trained newborn photographers know what to look for with baby breathing blockages, overheating, discomfort, overstimulation, and distress. At Psalms Photography for example, we have taken safety training classes and posing classes/ mentorships with the top photographers around the world. We also have a lifelike manikin developed by doctors featuring articulated joints that covers a full range of natural motion, accurate size and weight distribution to continuously practice and safely get better with new poses.  When it comes to the safety of your new baby, there is no room for mistakes. It's always best to make sure you invest in a photographer who has stayed current on their training.

Quality matters: Your baby will grow in the blink of an eye. It is seriously so quick! One minute they are sleepy and snuggling with you all day, then you blink and they are starting kindergarten having full conversations and making their own friendships and relationships in the outside world. When you joyfully look back on these days that go by unbelievably quick, you want these moments documented clearly and professionally. You don't want to regret not going to a professional when you're looking back on DIY images that may be grainy/ unstable/ muddled.

I hope this post has helped anyone with choosing the right photographer for you! It's best to go to someone specifically trained in newborns. To find the best photographer for you, it's best to read reviews and do your research before hiring a photographer for your baby.

  • Katie Scott, Professional Pleasanton Newborn Photographer