Saylor Annalise Light

Introducing Saylor Annalise Light, born Jan 22nd 2021 weighing 7lbs 80z and 19 inches long.

I'm greeted at the door by two cheerful, outgoing, ecstatic parents of my newest little client. We head upstairs to the studio where I get to peek in the covered car seat and see gorgeous little Saylor Annalise, a perfect example of a future Gerber model.

Saylor gets her snack and snuggle in, and she is all ready to dive into modeling. We start with some beanbag shots (she killed it, as you can see) and move on to a few prop shots with different swaddles. Angel Saylor was the snuggliest little sweetie pie and I enjoyed every second of getting to be one of the first to hold and cuddle her (I'm sorry grandma!)