The Divas Family Scream Those Blush Pink, Soft Dreamy Ballerina Vibes,

So of course, when I got the idea to style a ballet themed shoot, Tika was one of the first people to contact! This series is compiled into two shoots with two different families.

Our first ballerina mommy & me shoot was with the beautiful Divas girls Tika, Céline, and Colette. I had the pleasure of photographing this beautiful trio today, and let me tell you, it was better than I could have imagined! Though if you have seen their instagram, you know these three give the best dreamy peony, blush pink, ballet vibes so I knew these were going to be good!

I gave Tika days notice to pick out outfits for the three of them for our shoot and was so impressed by how quickly she put together these ballerina outfits. Can someone say super mom?!

Peek in below to see sneaks of Tika, Céline, and Colette.