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My name is Katie Scott, I am a Maternity and Newborn Photographer serving the Bay Area and Central Valley. I have a studio here in the gorgeous Mountain House, California where I have the pleasure of snuggling babies and capturing your families most precious moments. I am very passionate with my dream of creating lasting memories that my families can look back on with joyful emotions.

After having sweet baby Chloé in February, I realized just how many new products were out there this time around! I feel like there is something new I discover every day! It can be overwhelming as a new parent trying to figure out just what you REALLY need with all of these companies telling you you WILL need 5 different baby swings, 3 types of humidifiers, and 10 places for baby to sleep.

I have compiled some of my favorite baby products I've used with both kids to hopefully help a new mom who may not what exactly what they will need! I really hope this helps someone because I know I had too many products I just didn't need with Ellie!